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If the Cap Fits

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I"m a Hat Person after I walked into a shop in Camden, saw a beige eight piece cap and put it on.

Sales assistant said it really suited me and that was that..........simple really..........but what does being a hat person mean to me and how have I changed as a result of the conversion?

Well for one thing losing a cap or hat is actually rather more painful than I imagined and I can now empathise with others who lose one, particularly if it associated with emotional memories and experiences. 

So when I was given the opportunity of Exhibiting some work and wanted a project what better than to look into the hearts and minds of the tribe to which I now belonged. I had taken a couple of portraits in the Studio with people with hats and then set out with the intention of asking people I met if I could take a portrait of them and also ask their name and one word in relation to their hat. Just one word mind which was a lot tougher than you might imagine. Not a life story..........though some of these were interesting.  

So that is pretty much it.........…I travelled in Europe in the  summer of 2012 and took some of the images whilst abroad and others in London. I haven't included location as my Tribe are worldwide.  

When you look at the images I am also asking both the person I am photographing, and myself; “What are you wearing this for?”............for practical, personal, visual, fashion, spiritual or other reasons?  Are you fitting in or standing out?  Are you making a show or attempting to conceal? Is it your choice or not?  Since the dawn of time man has adorned himself with hats, crowns and all manner of decorative creations and for all different types of purpose.

So maybe you can look at the one image without name & word beside it and use your imagination to fill in the blank...............who is he?..... What is his name?........ Why does he wear the hat and what does it mean to him?

And lastly maybe you can ask yourself whether you are a Hat Person or not? And why are you one or the other?

For bookings and enquiries call  07554006849   or  email:   martin@martinlea.co.uk

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